About me

SQL Server & Oracle DBA

Welcome to my site. My name is Asher, and I am a Database Administrator. I am from Auckland, New Zealand, but currently work in Sydney, Australia.

My career in Information Technology started like most of my colleagues – as a young boy. I studied Information Science (akin to Information Systems) at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand. During those formative years, I had a professor who specialised in Databases with whom I could only be drawn – his passion in all Database related technology was infectious.

So, it was only natural that in my final year during summer school I applied and was accepted into a Database Developer internship. At university we focused solely on Oracle Database, so all my initial training and research was focused within the Oracle stack – that probably explains my fondness for all things Oracle.

I then spent a few years dabbling in different sectors within the IT industry, namely as a Technical Consultant developing Microsoft  Dynamics CRM solutions, Dynamics CRM Portal websites, administering Oracle and SQL Server databases and general Windows infrastructure administration before heading into the specialised niche of Oracle Business Intelligence consulting.

All along this varied path, one thing was constant Рmy love of databases Рso only naturally, I now work as a SQL Server database administrator. The role of a database guy is often varied Рas the gatekeeper of all company information Рyou generally possess specialised knowledge on where company information is stored within the database; this allows you to transform this raw data into useful information; if you work in a small IT team like me, this means you generally become a reporting guru.

I’ve found that this has helped due to my experience with building Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE) solutions – but I now work with a variety of BI tools such as Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, OBIEE and Crystal Reports.