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2022-01-01 till today

Senior DevOps Consultant at Consulting Company

I focus mostly on DevOps tooling, helping clients with issues they face with Elasticsearch (ELK Stack), Kubernetes deployments, HELM charts, Data Engineering (Kafka Java based consumers, Databricks) and a lot of other interesting tech.

2019-03-01 till today

Database Administrator at B Braun Group:

The role does incorporate all the traditional DBA tasks, but has evolved into a more cloud focused role (mostly in Azure). I write a lot of technical documentation, automate resource creation using Terraform, DevOps Pipelines, basically DataOps is what I do these days

Database Administation in an environment comprising SQL Server.

I am responsible for managing 2000+ databases and stabilising our global environment while pursuing continual improvement.

Before joining the company, they were experiencing repeated outages due to lack of monitoring and poor implementation of maintenance tasks.

I sought to modernise out infrastructures maintenance and implemented a more intelligence index maintenance activity and resized TempDB to a sufficient size which has resulted in a significant reduction in downtime.

As part of a global team that was suffering from lack of communication, I implemented triggers which monitored activity within our Central Management and VisionApp databases in order to create a weekly report to gain more overview of system changes.

Before we had monitoring in place, I developed a stored procedure to monitor free-space within our Datafiles and Log-files, this resulted in a significant reduction in time spent on menial tasks.

Assisted with the deployment and configuration of our new open-source monitoring solution: CheckMK and GrayLog log monitoring with MSSQL plugins.

Troubleshooted a continually growing MDW data-warehouse and fine-tuned our purge and rention policies.

Developed a weekly report implemented as a stored procedure which reports on misconfigured policies within our environment.

Improved our powershell installation scripts to automatically restore our DBA database and automatically configure TempDB sizing.

Migrations of legacy SQL systems.

Updated server template to correct separation of data-files.

Performance tuning for replicated systems suffering performance degradation.

Creation of reports for monitoring replication performance & blocked TSX jobs.

2017-07-01 till 2018-11-01

Database Administrator (BI/DW) at Merivale:

Within this role I was responsible for company wide BI Reporting, Data Engineering as well as Database Administration

Created static and automated data pipelines to ETL for various reporting databases.

Installation and configuration of SQL Reporting Services.

SSRS report development and administration.

SQL/ETL development (Custom scripts, GoAnywhere, Attunity Replicate & SSIS)

Built and deployed C# application that ingested CSV data and transforms to bulk import point-of-sale format to allow business to mass import new products.

Report and dashboard development

Ad-hoc SQL reporting

Power BI reports (desktop and cloud) and dashboards

Crystal Reports 2013 development (Ungerboeck).

Database Administration of several production and development databases.

(SQL Server 2008 R2, 2012, 2017 On-prem & Azure)

SQL transactional replication

Installation and configuration of SQL Server instances

Monitoring and Alerting

Performance tuning and maintenance

Disaster Recovery

Database Security - Active Directory

2016-04-01 till 2017-03-03

Data Manager at ClassRepublic, Ltd.:

Eduational startup

Primarily involved with Managing off-shore resources, data manipulation, validation, data stewardship. Database management of MySQL instance.

2015-03-01 till 2015-07-31

Oracle Data Warehouse Developer at BetFair/ServusTech:

Contracted to BetFair's Romanian development centre during their transition from Oracle to Amazon Redshift. I assisted with the process of documenting, reverse engineering and development of their existing PL/SQL stored procedures to RedShift, as well as performance tuning PL/SQL.

Oracle Database 11g / Data Warehouse development

Amazon RedShift Development

PL/SQL Development

PL/SQL Performance Tuning

Postgresql development and performance tuning

SAP BusinessObjects Reporting

Tableau Training

2013-02-01 till 2013-12-31

Oracle BI Consultant at James and Monroe, Pty Ltd:

Business Intelligence Development and Systems Administration focused role.

Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE) consulting.

Main clients NZ Government agencies, and blue-chip clients (NZ/AU).

Installation and configuration of Oracle Database 11g &

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition,

ETL development with Informatica Powercenter,

Dashboard and Report Development (OBIEE),

Oracle Hyperion financial report development.

Systems Administration/Infrastructure: Development of host Windows Server (incl configuration of VDI/DHCP/DC/IIS) administration, development and configuration.

2012-06-01 till 2013-02-31

Technical Consultant at Business Mechanix, Ltd:

Technical Consultant deployed to a multitude of different client projects including:

Oracle Database Administration 10/11

SQL Server Database Administration

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Development (Plugins, Workflows)


Azure C# Web Design & Development w/CRM Customer Portal customisation,

Windows Server 2008 Administration

2008-12-01 till 2009-03-01

Intern Software Developer at Unleashed Solutions, Ltd:

Primarily responsible for data modelling and documentation

Reverse engineered existing undocumented MS SQL Server database.

Created highly detailed documents and data models to enable management to gain a more coherent understanding of their current systems.

Data modelling for an efficient SaaS database schema to enable the successful deployment of SaaS ERP system (Unleashed).

Data modelling for SaaS database schema for a family portal system (Dazed & Confused).


2009-03-01 till 2010-03-01

University of Otago - Dunedin, New Zealand

PgDipCom: Information Science

2005-03-01 till 2009-03-01

University of Otago - Dunedin, New Zealand

BCom: Information Science


Languages: ANSI SQL, T-SQL, C#, Stored Procedures, PL/SQL, Java

Tools: PowerShell, Git, SSRS, SSMS, SQL Operations Studio, Visual Studio 2017, PLSQL Developer, Toad, Power BI, OBIEE 11g, Crystal Reports 2013, Tableau

Databases: MSSQL 2008 R2 - 2017 (azure + on-prem), SAP ASE 16, Oracle 10g/11g, MySQL, AWS RedShift (PostgreSQL).

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